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In-Browser Code Execution for AI

Execute, interpret, and refactor AI-generated code directly in the browser:
a secure, sandboxed environment with zero latency, zero compute costs, and zero virtual machines.

The best runtime for your AI Agents.

Looking for proper test cases to evaluate an AI agent? We've assembled the best test cases based on npm stats and usage by millions of developers.

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Improve the quality of your AI-generated code

To ensure code generated by your LLM is valid, performant, and satisfies the prompt, you need to be able to actually execute it. The WebContainer API enables this securely, right inside the user's browser tab.

Provide a better developer experience for your users

With the WebContainer API you can provide your users a low-latency in-browser code execution environment seamlessly integrated into your AI application so they can get production-ready code faster.

Avoid infrastructure and security headaches

With no virtual machines or network connections to manage, you can ensure untrusted AI-generated code doesn’t pose security risks to you or your end users.

Leverage the tech we use
in our own products.

WebContainers already powers production developer experiences from interactive tutorials to full-blown IDEs. With the WebContainer API, you can build a secure and performant coding environment into your AI applications without worrying about provisioning infrastructure.

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