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Otto Engineer is an autonomous agent that takes AI-assisted coding to the next level.

  • Otto checks its work and iterates: Otto executes its code and tests it to make sure it works. If there are errors, it will keep iterating until the code works 🦾
  • Otto executes its code safely in isolation: Otto is built on Web Containers, a runtime for executing Node.js and OS commands that runs entirely in the browser, with a virtual, in-memory file system 🤓
  • Otto requires zero setup: Since it all runs in the browser, you just start a new chat and put Otto to work, watching it run commands and edit code in the embedded terminal and editor 🔥
  • Otto operates in a real environment: Otto can install and use npm packages, tweak its TS config, and write its own tests. Say goodbye to hallucinated code that doesn't actually work 👋
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