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Commercial Usage

The WebContainer API is powering a new class of in-browser experiences from interactive tutorials, to code editors, and advanced AI applications.

Our secure and scalable API is designed to be integrated into your core application and scale effortlessly to millions of users thanks to our patented in-browser compute model.

If you're considering the API for commercial, for-profit use, you're in the right place.

Who needs a commercial WebContainer API license?

Licensing is required for production usage of the API in a commercial, for-profit setting. (Prototypes or POCs do not require a commercial license.) If you're using the API to meet the needs of your customers, prospective customers, and/or employees, you need a license to ensure compliance with our Terms of Service. Usage of the API in violation of these terms may result in your access being revoked.

WebContainer API for Enterprise

For the most security conscious organizations in the world, the WebContainer API Enterprise offering provides the features you need to meet the requirements of your security team:

  • Self hosted, on-premises, and VPC installation options behind the firewall
  • Use your private packages with support for private NPM registries
  • Enterprise SSO - Integrate with any SAML2-based authentication provider
  • Priority implementation & uptime support from our team

Ready to supercharge your production Node.js apps? Contact us to see if your use case is a good fit and learn more about our pricing and support options.

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