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Supercharge your production Node.js apps with a zero-footprint backend that eliminates the need for servers, boots in milliseconds, and provides 0ms latency backend connectivity. With WebContainer API you can create experiences that were previously impossible. If you're exploring the API for usage in a for-profit setting, you're in the right place!

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Benefits of a WebContainer API License

WebContainers rely on hosted proxies and server-side acceleration to enable truly instant development environments. By obtaining a WebContainer API license, your business can gain access to higher API rate limits, uptime reliability, and a range of benefits designed to help you maximize the potential of the WebContainer API in your organization. This includes direct access to the development team to help you optimize performance and navigate any roadblocks during implementation, priority bug fixes, and the ability to influence the API's roadmap, ensuring that it continues to meet the evolving needs of your business. Licenses also help support the continued hosting & development of the WebContainer API for both commercial and open source use cases.

Licensing is required for production usage of the API in a for-profit setting (feel free to prototype as much as you like without a license). If you're using the API to meet the needs of your customers, prospective customers, and/or employees you need a license to ensure continued access to the API as you scale.

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